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Our Recent Adventures in Food

Keeping it fresh in Montreal

Marche Jean Talon is just one of the public markets in Montreal, but it sits as a foodie jewel in the city's foodie crown. Read about it here.


Adventures in food

The MOT Blog

In the heat of a Bangkok afternoon, the smallest details can easily get lost in the haze. But it only takes a moment -- perhaps just a cup of tea -- to recognize the symphony of beautiful intricacies surrounding you.  Click here to read more, or check out any of our other delicious escapades.


Archanes, Crete

Everyday Feasts

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A Favorite from the Archives

The Great Cretan Rooster Quest


We went there searching for one dish at one restaurant; what we found was a village that fed our souls. Read about it here. 


The MOT bookshelf

Feed Your Head

Matters of Taste is excited to develop our repertoire with short takes on recent or relevant publications in culinary history, travel, cooking, and the ways that food can connect us across generations and geography. This is not a promotion or sales initiative, but instead a place to discuss the vibrant academic and literary field of culinary history.  Click here to browse the bookshelf.  Please note: this part of the site is under construction, so please check in every now and then.

Food, after all, happens every day; it’s intimately associated with all our appetites and thoroughly entangled with the myriad social and economic conditions that press upon a life.
— Laura Shapiro, What She Ate